Wednesday 14 January 2015

Forget the nursery slopes, where is the half pipe?

Yes, day 3 we ventured over to the far side of the resort to a few runs that we hadn't tried before, one of which was the snowboarders assault course (unofficial name), it has some jumps, box, half pipe, rail all that jazz. Of course Ebi-kun was straight down there! And on his arse quite a lot but he just kept getting up and giving it another go.

One section from the lift to this run is fairly steep which was playing havoc with my ski boot, one kept coming undone - not the safest way to ski, so I gave up for the last few runs since the ski centre to get it looked out was miles away. Meant I got to take photos instead.

It was hysterical waiting for them to come down, there was a tiny tot, a girl I think, about 3 years old, went flying over a jump and straight into a big powder snowdrift and got stuck. Mom followed he down and found her but had to take off her snowboard and use that to dig her out. Eventually she pulls little on out and mom gets busy putting he board back on but before she had even got one boot on, kid was racing down the hill flying over the other jumps! I bet she is hard work at home.

Although the weather wasn't great, very snowy and cold, we had a great time. We have also discovered that there is a more direct train, which is a bit slower but a whole lot cheaper, so we are planning to try that out and just go up for the day. Looking forward to it. 

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