Thursday 19 February 2015

Flowers for mothers day

Living overseas means that gifting presents can get a bit tricky and recently the postage hasn't been reliable, I had a package returned from Austria and 2 Christmas presents never made it here because the UK has tightened up its posting regulations - I should add that both parcels were within regulations but they still got returned to sender with the offending item - nail polish! removed!

Anyway, I end up relying on internet based services a lot of the time, back in the day Interflora was the only choice but now there is a much bigger range. 

Debenhams Flowers contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their Flower Delivery service, so I got a surprise Scented Spring bouquet sent to my mom. It was really funny, I happened to be chatting on Facetime with her when they were delivered, she kept saying it must be a mistake, why had someone sent her flowers - anyone would have thought she'd never had flowers before!

They arrived packaged in a box and looked lovely when she got them out. Unfortunately she never got around to taking photos because my step dad got rushed back into hospital, taking photos for my blog wasn't really high on the priority list!

But she did say that they smell gorgeous and the scent fills the whole house, which is perfect in gloomy February. They were delivered over a week ago and they are still going strong!

Debenhams Flowers also a 25% discount for you! 
Whoo-hoo, so if you are in the UK or you're planning on sending your mom flowers you can use the discount code DFBLOG25 and get the discount on their Mothers Day Flowers (doesn't include the Flowers by post range) and with the money you save you can treat yourself to something special!

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