Wednesday 18 March 2015

Football, Coffee and a Good Book...

The boys had football on Saturday, it's lads and dads, more lads than dads to be honest!

Good excuse to have a play with my camera too. It was a lovely day, spring is on it's way, unfortunately that means the hay fever season is here too - my eyes were streaming after being outside for a few hours!

Daddy Ebi managed to twist his ankle when he was playing, which later swelled up like a tennis ball. He ended up going to get it x-rays but it's just a sprain, his football dad career isn't over yet...

They do make a good coffee at the Footpal place which I supped on as  I'm working my way through Tony Robbin's new book Money: Master The Game. It's a great read but I'm having to take it slowly as I have no knowledge when it comes to hedge funds, 401Ks and other financial jargon! Luckily it's written so even I can understand it. Might take me a while to finish it, hopefully before retirement! It's one BIG book!

I'm about half way through and have just started the part where he tells you how to invest your money, I'll do a proper review when I finish it...

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