Monday 23 March 2015

The First - Moms That Rock Mastermind...

As you know, most of my biz is done online, I do get to chat to people quite often over skype but I rarely get chance to meet people in the flash!

Anyway,  a few weeks ago I asked in the Moms That Rock Facebook group, if the Tokyo based moms would like to meet up for a mastermind meeting - many either run their own business or are hoping to start one, so I thought it would be great to get everyone together and see how we can help one another!

Most of us met up a bit earlier for a coffee and then we went down to the meeting room. It was quite weird, some of these ladies I have know online for years but have never spoken to them before! But, iIfelt like I already knew them. It was a fun couple of hours, we all got to share where we are up to and what are plans for the future are. Connections, suggestions, ideas and plans were made.

A few take-aways that I left the meeting with...

The general theme that we are all educated women who love being moms but need something more. BUT we don't want to compromise the time we have with our kids, we want to have more, be more, do more but also have the flexibility to work around our family.

Many of us want to work more on passive income and it's definitely the way forward - I totally believe this and have moved my biz over so it is almost all passive income through various income streams. Using Saturday as an example - I was out of the house all day but I sold:
7 seats for Montessori Crash course
1 Clear The Clutter 
6 books
1 sewing pattern
2 sets of Montessori cards
Plus I got an affiliate payout from Amazon
Not bad for a day hanging out in Tokyo!!

Of course it's not a reliable income, I never know from day to day what I will make but making money literally as you sleep absolutely rocks!

I also got the feeling that we are a creative, ingenious bunch and I feel that with this community we can build and grow great things! There were some great ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing how they bloom!

The moms that rock group is open to anyone who is:
A. a mom 
B. Rocks

And also wanting to do more, be more and fit it around you family, whether it be personal interests or you are looking to work, come and join us... Moms That Rock

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