Saturday 4 April 2015

Accountants and new best friends…

I needed to go into Tokyo to meet with my accountant, as you can imaging Ebi-kun wasn't thrilled at the idea but I arranged to meet a friend afterwards so he packed some really heavy books into his bag and off we went.

Remind me to NEVER get on and early train into Tokyo on a Monday morning EVER AGAIN!

5 of the main train line were delayed because of "passenger injury" (aka body on the track), it was way too hot and very unpleasant. Ebi-kun announced that he will NEVER be a salaryman and I was secretly grinning inside :)

We ended up getting off our train 4 stops early and taking a risk to hop on another which hopefully had a body free line! We eventually made it to the accountant, although we were a bit late! The accountant, Mori-san is absolutely lovely, explained everything to me and we figured out how to make the who reporting this 10 time easier - I left a happy camper! If you are in Japan and need an English speaking tax accountant, drop me a line and I'll hook you up.

Then we headed back to Ebisu and met up with one of my b-school buddies and her kids, it's the first time I have met them and they are adorable. Little O-kun didn't stop chattering the whole time! Although Ebi-kun is a couple of years older they all got on and spent most of the time running around, playing tag - the universal game!

We parted ways around three and Ebi-kun and I did consider more adventuring but the thought of the busy commuter train on the way home put us off, so we just headed back - us bumpkins, we're not cut out for this big city life!

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