Thursday 2 April 2015

Can Boys Make Fairy Gardens?

Funny how things work, I've recently seen some cute fairy gardens pop up on my social media stream but dismissed them because I didn't think Ebi-kun would be interested. Well, he helped me dig over the small front garden patch and plant some flowers and then we went round to the yard and he was checking out the succulents 

"These look like tiny trees, it would be fun to make a tiny garden"

Well blow me down! I didn't need any encouragement, we found a pot and got to work. Once we had the basics in, Ebi-kun decided it needed something more. Next minute the craft box was out...

Lots of gluing, sticking and colouring...

Admittedly, it could do with some more "green", we will have to pick up something suitable next time we got the home centre.

Moral of the story - your kids will never stop surprising you!

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