Monday 27 April 2015

Out Exploring...

Daddy was working on Saturday and the weather forecast was for rain so we planned to just hang out at home (we usually go out on an adventure when daddy is working) but it turned out to be a beautiful day so on the spur of the moment we went out on a bike ride.

We had a conversation earlier in the day about tree huggers, Ebi-kun thought it was one of my many made up terms, I had to google it to prove that I hadn't made it up! So it was only right that he hugged a tree whilst we were out...

We discovered a new-to-us temple, there are lots of tiny old country road where we live so we just randomly went down a few, you never know what you might find! One thing I hadn't seen before were the statues wearing pearl necklaces....

These statues I think are for babies or children that have died, usually the statues wear a red hat and bib. 

Turned out to be a lovely day and it was actually nice to just to potter around and not have to go anywhere or be anywhere, just some quality downtime.

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