Wednesday 29 April 2015

New Masterclass - Make Your Own 3 Part Cards

It is election time here at the moment, which means the campaign trucks are going round all the time and driving me nuts! Even more so as I was trying to record this masterclass, the last thing I wanted was the stupid campaign trucks in the background. Took me longer than anticipated but it's finished!

I am a geek so making things like the 3 part cards used in Montessori is easy for me, but I know a lot of people just find it too daunting. That's why I put together this master class. It's broken into 3 quick lessons, I show you exactly how to plan your card set, how to source the images and then I walk you through how to set up a template so you can make as many card sets as you like.

No need for fancy software, no need for a degree in graphic design, so simple even my gran could do it!

And it's free! (for now at least).. Click the link to register for the Make Your Own Montessori 3 Part Cards Masterclass

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