Monday 4 May 2015

Fun with Collective Nouns...

Oh yes, I did a classic trick last week - and hence the lack of post! Took a load of photos on my fancy new camera then realised I hadn't got the SD card in *doh*

So we are still working on grammar/English. We revisited collective nouns, always fun! Normally I present the activity showing how to do it but this time I just gave him the cards and let him figure it out.

So the cards were in 2 sets for example...

A murder of                         crows
A litter of                             puppies
A pride of                            lions

Once he has separated them into two columns I got the timer out and timed him matching them.

Of course I didn't expect him to get them all right first time but he did quite well...

In Montessori one of the important aspects for activities is that they have a control of error - a way for the child to check their work by themselves. In this case, I drew little matching symbols on the back. He went through and checked his work, pulled out the ones he got wrong then tried again.
Third time was the charm!

Of course you can't do collective nouns without making some up yourself and as little boys go...

A sneak of ninjas was soon partnered with a A stink of farts and well, lets just say it went downhill after that!

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