Sunday 3 May 2015

Phones, Friends and Football

We had a national holiday this week so we started off the day at the phone shop and just happened to upgrade our phones to the iphone 6 - whoo-hoo! My old 4s has gotten really slow and took forever to do anything on, I can't believe how quick my new 6 is!

In Japanese style, we started off at one AU shop - we moved to AU from Softbank but that shop gave us a quote and hubby wasn't happy, then the shop clerk told us we should try a different AU shop and they might have a better deal.

I have to admit, I have no idea why this works but, we went over to the other shop and managed to save ¥30,000! Crazy pants!

Once we had eventually finished there we met up with some friends in the park, it was a beautiful day, perfect for lollying around on the grass watching the kids wear themselves out...

Now the kids are older and have school and after school activities, it's really hard to find a time to get together, which makes me sad but it's always good to see them have so much fun together.

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