Monday 11 May 2015

Golden Week Camp 2015

We headed off to camp for a few days, our Golden Week tradition! This time we ended up in pretty much the middle of nowhere, on the border of Nagano and Gunma. It was a lovely, well kept site with an enormous roller slide, that tiny dot of red is the start!

There was also this curious building near the slide, so we went to investigate, everything was wonky inside and as soon as you step inside it made you feel sick. It totally sent your head and stomach to that 'I've had 3 tequila's too many' phase. Horrible!

Although it doesn't look it, these stairs are level, it's the rest of the building that isn't! We never found out why this was built, seems rather random.

We also upgraded this year and decided to get a cabin rather than a tent. As much as I love sleeping under canvas, it is such a hassle to put up and take down the tent, hardly relaxing! The cabin was lovely, with a big balcony to do the BBQ on, hot water and even a bath!

It over looked this little pond and was lovely and peaceful. It's so good to get away from the city and just chill amongst the trees. I even found a bottle of Pimms before we left, supping Pimms and eating BBQ on the balcony was perfect!

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