Thursday 14 May 2015

Top Of The Mountain

The campsite we stayed at over Golden Week, really was in the middle of nowhere, so we drove to the top of another mountain which looked like it had a bit more going on. There was a small art gallery, kids athletic park and an onsen (hot spring). 

We started with the gallery, some nice stuff, very small and didn't take much time to get round. Then Ebi-kun needed to get his wriggles out....

It was a beautiful day, weather was just perfect, no filter on these pics, the sky really was that blue!

We had to do 2 laps of the park...

I enjoyed playing with the new camera, these ferns caught my eye, they looked like fairies or pixies hiding in the woods..

We stopped for lunch then had a round of putter golf, of course daddy won, strange coincidence every time he is in charge of scoring hmmm. Good fun though and it was quite a tough course, took us a while to get round.

Ebi-kun and daddy then went to the onsen, I'm not sure a big onsen fan. I still can't get my head around how the shy Japanese are totally OK with getting butt naked and in the bath with a bunch of strangers! Really is not relaxing for me, especially when you get a bunch of old baa-chans checking out my non Japanese "bits". *shudder* 
The place looked really busy so I decided coffee, cake and a read of my book would be far more relaxing!

Then it was a trip to the supermarket and BBQ for dinner. Fabulous day!

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