Thursday 25 June 2015

Fun For Free - statue abuse!

I saw a post on somewhere like Buzzfeed a couple of weeks ago, basically with people doing stupid poses with statues. I showed it to Ebi-kun and he decided it would be fun to do. After our trip to the Star Wars exhibit, we popped into the TV studio lobby to see if there was anything interesting and so the fun begins....

Punch To The Chin

Hair grab!

Doremon getting handy with his mic

Punch to the stomach!

Kick in the head

We ran out of statues to abuse so it was time for a bit of a rest. Ebi-kun has recently gotten into Doremon. A lot of the stories are history based, I'm not sure how accurate they are but the kids love them!

We had a wander outside for more statues but could only find this heart! We will definitely be doing more of these, I can see Paris being a fun place to do it, as long as we don't get arrested! If you want to join the fun, follow me over on Instagram!

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