Monday 27 July 2015

Family Summer Festival

A couple of days in and the jet lag is just about clearing up! We had a not so fun start to the day, my step-dad has had a couple of strokes and has had to move into a home, he has only just moved in and my mom got a call in the morning to say he had had a fall and bumped his head so they had called an ambulance.

It meant a trip to the hospital and a barrage of tests but he was given the all clear and was back at the home by lunchtime. In the afternoon we all went down and met with Ebi-kuns cousins because they had a family day fund raiser going on. First up was Punch and Judy, A-chan grew up in Greece and only moved back to the UK a year ago so neither her or Ebi-kun had any idea what Punch and Judy was about.

I was quite surprised that it was the original storyline, domestic violence issues obviously hasn't caught up here yet! There was a disclaimer at the end telling the kids not to copy what they had seen!

There was also face painting, bouncy castle, cakes to be bought a raffle - I won a 20 quid gift voucher and a tombola where I won nowt! Andy was the first dad to get his facepainted, comical because he is a big chap and about 6'5" tall!

M-chan is such a little dot and was a leopard...

A-chan got hers done later. There is only 4 months between A-chan and Ebi-kun but she is a good head taller, it's hard to believe they are so close in age!

Ebi-kun was a lion...

Papie made it outside for a while, it was good to see him out in the sun. It's great that the home has these days, it was a lovely community spirit and I'm sure the residents love having the family and kids around.

When we were done there we all headed back home for dinner, the kids get on really well although we did have a mad half hour doing 'yoga'. Fun day and turned out to be a late night but at least I slept through until 5.30am!

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