Tuesday 28 July 2015

Aikido at the Budokan

This is completely out of sync, I was the unofficial photographer for the day and it took me forever to edit all the pics of all the kids!

It was an annual national Aikido meet for the kids, we missed it last year because it clashed with our flights.

Let's play spot the Ebi-kun... I'll give you a hint, he has an orange belt and is sat next to someone with black hair...

It's an all day event and they start with warm ups and group training. Then in the afternoon each attending dojo gets a few minutes to show off their skills.

Waiting for their dojo's turn...

This year Ebi-kun is the highest ranking in the kids from his dojo but still one of the smallest (but not the youngest, he just happens to be a bit of a squirt!)

It was a fun day and not too hot in the dojo but outside was awfully hot! We finished off having dinner at a nice Italian place.

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