Wednesday 15 July 2015

Make your own den part 1

Ebi-kun has had his little heart set on building his own den or treehouse for months. We went down the route of a sheets and sticks but it just wasn't cutting it! Unfortunately we don't have a tree so the treehouse was out, which left us with a den.

Now, I would have loved to just dump a load of scrap wood, a bag of nails and a hammer with him and told him to knock himself out BUT we don't have any scrap wood and don't know "a man" to beg some off. 

So... the Montessorian in me came up with a plan!

Right, you want a den, you have to design and research it properly. I want plans, and a budget...

He rose to the occasion and set about designing his den. It was a long winded project and he got stuck a few times but he stuck at it. At one point he stopped and lost all enthusiasm, after a bit of digging I found out it was because the boys he walks to school with were calling him a liar and saying he wasn't going to do it. We had a chat and did some EFT then he was fired up to get back to it.

He looked at architecture books to see how to draw up plans....

Made a note of questions that came up as he worked through the planning stage...

And made revisions as he answered questions. He did need some help so me and daddy pitched in when he got stuck. We took a couple of trips to the home centre to decide which type of wood, the roofing material and the types of paint available etc. The info Ebi-kun found on the net wasn't always helpful for Japan, so there was some out-of-the-box thinking thrown in too!

This was a BIG project so the posts are broken down into stages, stay tuned for the next stage of project den building...

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  1. What a great idea to turn it into a project right from the planning stage. I can't wait to see how it turns out!


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