Sunday 23 August 2015

Forgotten Fields And Famous Authors...

[8th August]

We were awake bright and early on Saturday morning, no thanks to the whingy kids in the tent next door! We had some heathy snacks for breakfast then headed up to the ticket office to see if they could replace Ebi-kuns wrist band, they had put in on too tight the night before and it was hurting him. They chnaged his band without issue and we discovered a couple more screw ups from the organizers, firstly the toilets hadn’t been cleaned over night - porta-loos at their best, or not. 

Lots of grumbly parents as kids were kicking off and refusing to use the minging toilets and then we discovered that they arena wasn’t opening until 10am and of course, this is where all the food stalls were. No food to feed the kids, not everyone had bought either food with them (big daft really) or cooking equipment. More angry parents ready to rush the gate by 9.30am! We kept the boys busy, playing hairdressers!

Apart from these teething problems, everything else seemed to go OK. We had toasties for brunch then lazed around as the boys played football. Nic, one of our uni friends (that I used to make dance outfits for) lives literally next door to the site and he had free tickets so we met up, again I haven't seen him since we left uni but we are mates on facebook.

Nic bought his partner Steve with him, who is lovely and funny too and he also happens to be an international best selling author, he wrote Before I Got To Sleep which was made into a film last year and last week he left to do a book tour with his latest book Second Life, if you love mystery thrillers, you will love his books!

It was really good to catch up, it was as if we were back at uni, stupid stories and remembering all the daft things and people! Nic and Steve didn't stay for long, they had things to do (and probably have a much nicer toilet back at home!)

Once it started heating up we headed into the Big Top Tent which was excellent. They had shows and activities on throughout the day, kids Zumba was hysterical they also did a beat boxing class, trapeze lessons, juggling and other circus shenanigans then later in the evening they had films showing in there. Just outside the big top there were hula hoops, juggling balls, things to toss and jump on, tight ropes to try, a section for the little ones and some crafty activities too - all very well done. 

The boys spent a lot of time in there as we sat under the big trees enjoying the atmosphere and a crafty beer or two. We tried to take a siesta because we knew the boys would struggle to stay up late, Ry managed to fall asleep but the rest of us were too hot. Bit of a fail really.

For dinner we headed over to the exotic game burger stand, Ebi-kun had his eye on the kangaroo and I decided to try the llama (I have had alpaca before in Peru so figured it would be similar. Both were good. Di and Ry just went for plain ole cow!

Ry and Di are both Super Furry fans but Ebi-kun and I are not so bothered, we all stayed up to watch them play but Ry wasn’t happy because they didn’t play his favourite track (in Welsh!) maybe next time. So it was another later night...

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