Tuesday 25 August 2015

Forgotten Fields and The Levellers

[9th August]

Followed by another early morning. Thankfully the whingy kids family were packing up, along with a lot of other families. The festival finished late Sunday but I expect many people had work Monday morning so a lot left Sunday.

We were blessed with beautiful weather all weekend, Di can't remember going to such a mud free festival, I can't remember ever going to one with crappy weather! maybe I'm the festival good weather fairy or something!

The toilets had also been cleaned and they organizers had come to their senses and let people into the arena a bit earlier so Sunday was a lot more chilled. There was a lot more circus tent fun and a bit of drama where Ry, who had taken his shoes off, managed to lose a shoe. Of course we hunted everywhere and couldn’t find it. We got Marcus the circus master to do an announcement and had all the staff keeping an eye out but it was no where to be seen! A couple of hours later... Ry came back with a grin on his face, apparently some dad had handed the missing shoe in! *phew*

We spent most of the day just chilling, we had no net access which was great - a forced digi detox. 

Di caved into Ghandi’s flip flops and had a veggie curry with a plate full of pickles and side bits and a plate full of popodoms. Ebi-kun has never tried Indian curry before so he had a sample of all Di’s dishes and then decided he wanted the kids curry. I wasn’t sure if he would like it so asked for a wee taste, the staff were great and gave him a ladle full to try. He polished that off with Di’s left over rice and then had a bacon buttie!

Late afternoon was time for the balloon disco in the Big Top, they started off with tiny ones then kept adding bigger and bigger ones, the kids were running round like loonies, and some of the adults too - lots of fun!

The boys both wanted exotic burgers again for dinner, everyone opted for the same as the day before, although Ebi-kun was interested in trying zebra, he changed his mind at the last minute.

Then what you need after a big fat burger is to go on a swing ride, first time either of them had been on one, they loved it!

All to do now was to wait for the bands to come on, there were smaller bands playing through the day but we didn't really make the effort to watch any of them. Waiting time meant Top Trumps time, I lost count of the times we played over the weekend!

I love this photo of Ebi-kun as the sun was setting, it sums up the whole festival feeling for me.

Finally the headlining band, The Levellers, an old favourite of mine and so Ebi-kun knows a lot of their songs too, he got so excited when they came on. Putting him on my shoulders wasn't such a good idea, he is way too heavy these days. We did however manage to get right to the front, which reminded me of when I took my little brother to see them at the NEC (enormous arena) when he was 13, I lost him as he tried to get to the front, thankfully I found him later on but missed most of the gig as I was trying to find him!

They played lots of the old stuff and because a lot of people had gone home we had a good dance right near the stage.

Ebi-kun loved it, he was buzzing all the way back to the tent! It was the perfect way to finish the weekend really.

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