Saturday 5 September 2015

Appleyard Flowers

I was approached by Appleyard Flowers a couple of weeks ago to do a review for them, it all fitted in nicely as I could get the flowers delivered whilst I was staying at moms. 

We unexpectedly ended up out all day so the flowers were left with a neighbour, I retrieved the box and mom (who had no idea what was going on!) did the unveiling...

The bouquet was beautiful, very vibrant which was perfect since the weather had been do grey and miserable, nothing quite like fresh flowers to brighten a room.

Ebi-kun got to work and arranged the flowers, he is bit of an old hand at this now, it's a great Montessori activity and one he absolutely loved doing as a toddler. If you have a little one, let them try it, either with store bought flowers or freshly cut ones from the garden. Start them off with just a few flowers and a small vase then they can build up to bigger versions. 

The kids like to smell and feel the different types of flowers and it's a great starting point for so many topics!

I was impressed with the whole thing, the packaging was well designed and the flowers are beautiful my only slight criticism was the message card was packed in the flowers wrapping, I almost missed it and it was damp because it had been amongst the flowers but apart from that I give Appleyard Flowers the thumbs up!

If you want to send flowers they even have next day flower delivery and because you are one of my lovely readers you can use the code BLOG33 to get a 33% discount off their luxury bouquets*.

They only deliver in the UK, but if you are like me and sometimes need to send a "rush present" this is great!

*excludes the flowers by post range

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