Sunday 6 September 2015

Make Your Own Montessori 3 Part Cards - UPDATE


I know I have mentioned this before but I just wanted to give you a quick update. When I launched this a lot of people had problems logging into the course - unfortunately this was down to the course software and I couldn't do anything about it, which made me as mad as anything. Aghhhh.

Anyway, I've finally had time to set it up a bit differently so it's easier to sign up for! Which means you now just need to pop your name and email addy in the box and you will be whizzed off to start the course! Full disclosure, you will get my totally awesome weekly playbook too - I know, more free stuff, I must be nuts! Nuts but I love you ♡

You don't need any fancy software, just an internet connection and an idea of which set of cards you want to make. Simple tip there - what is your child interested in right now? Use that as your cue, easy!

In the mini course you will learn:
  • The foundations - what you need to do before you get started
  • How to set up the template so you save yourself time next time you want to make a set
  • How to legally source high quality images
And yes, it is all free! 

Feel free to share the post with anyone you think might be interested and I have added a button in the sidebar so it's easy to find in the future.

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