Thursday 24 September 2015

Then THIS happened!

Sorry, I am well behind with the blog at the moment!
I'll fill you in with the last weeks events...

Wednesday, Ebi-kun came home from school, he had fallen on the way home, just tripped up and hurt his arm. He wasn't crying and it wasn't swollen and he could move it OK so I thought he had just sprained it. He struggled with his homework and only did the maths, using his left hand as writing hurt his arm.

Thursday morning, just before school we heard about Papie so he took the day off and we had lots of cuddles on the sofa and watched some films (actually Harry Potter 4 wasn't the best choice!)

Friday his arm was still hurting but it wasn't swollen or bruised so I thought we should go and check it out at the doctors. Went to the pediatrician around the corner but he only does internal medicine so he sent us to the other clinic (which I was trying to avoid, it's always packed) and it was, so we were stuck in there for 2.5 hours!

After an x-ray the Dr decided it was fractured but he didn't get it plastered, he has a medicated band aid and a bandage which needs changing everyday.

So I dropped him off at school, made sure sensei understood what had happened and then I came home to get some work done.

Ebi-kun arrived back from school later that afternoon and said he had had a kanji test and sensei still made him do it but with his left hand! What a task master. 

I chatted to mom each day, she is holding up OK and my little brother is over there at the moment. We had booked to go and visit the in-laws as starting Saturday was silver week, once every few years the calendar aligns and we get a 5 day holiday in September! 

I wasn't sure if I should try and book a flight home but there was no clue about when the funeral would be and many of the flights were booked out because of silver week. The only advantage would have been that Ebi-kun would be taken care of and I didn't have to try and figure out some childcare.

Saturday we took the Shinkansen down to Wakayama, I'll post about that separately, then earlier this week mom let me know that the funeral would be on the 1st. Which is when I have to take Ebi-kun back to the hospital.

It's pretty impossible for me to get back for the funeral, I want to be there more for mom really but I have no-one to leave Ebi-kun with, DH has to work and I can't really take Ebi-kun with me. So that is that.

It has been a week since Ebi-kun hurt his arm and it still hurts so I'm not sure it is healing, just a matter of wait and see I think.

So that has been my week! Now I really and to get my head down and get some work done!

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