Friday 25 September 2015

Tomogasima Day Tripping

We arrived in Wakayama on Saturday, it's quite a trek to get there. We have to take the local train, then a shinkansen into Tokyo, change to another shinkansen into Shin-Osaka and then a rapid train to Wakayama, about 6 hours door to door.

Sunday we set off early to visit Tomogashima, a small island just off the coast. We arrived at 8.30am to hopefully catch the 9am ferry but the place was packed and we ended up catching a boat at 10am. It is a 20 minute boat ride over to the island, it was a beautiful day, perfect weather for it!

The island was used in the war, there are bunkers and places where cannons/guns were used to shoot down enemy planes. There are several buildings dotted over the island which are now abandoned. If you go, pick up a map when you buy the tickets for the boat! There are a couple of official routes but we just did it our way!

You can also stay over night and we saw quite a few groups with camping gear - most of which obvious had NO IDEA what they were doing, all the paths on the island are like the one above, so you can't use wheelie suitcases or trolleys! They must have found out the hard way!

It's not really suitable for anyone a bit dottery on their feet or for wheelchair users, or pushchairs for that matter! But GREAT for little boys (and girls) who like exploring. It's a good idea to bring a torch as there are quite a few tunnels and buildings to explore.

Also bring any supplies you need for the day, picnic and drinks. We made our way to the top of the island to a great viewpoint, to stop and have a spot of lunch... and lark about...

Ebi-kun eats...ships!

Then we headed down the other side, you can get to the sea in a few spots, it was pretty sad the amount of rubbish on the beach, I'm not sure how much had been just left behind and how much had washed up. A lot of PET bottles and plastic. I didn't see any bins on the island so be prepared to take your rubbish home with you.

Ebi-kun had fun catching hermit crabs, lots of them!

The lighthouse is still in use apparently and a few meters from there is the international timeline that Japan is on, not really well marked, just a signpost!

But a stunning view! Quite a few people were fishing for the day, so if you are into that, take some gear with you. When we got back to the jetty we noticed there was a shop open that was selling some food and basics.

I managed to catch the sun quite badly! Red face, white eyes, quite the look! The leaflet about the island says you can do the walking tour in an hour and a half, which if you are hardcore and with kids, then probably you can but I would allow for more time, enjoy the scenery and relax!

More info about Tomogashima and how to get there HERE

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