Tuesday 13 October 2015

Undokai sports festival

The sports festival is THE important date on the school calendar here. Many of the kids (certainly not all) look forward to it and Ebi-kun is no exception. It was looking a bit hit and miss on whether he would be able to join because he still has a fractured wrist! The Doc gave it the OK if, he didn't use it!

Ebi-kun's school is massive, just short of 1400 kids in 6 grades, that is a LOT of kids to get organized! This year the school was split into 3 teams, I think it depends on how many classes are in each grade to how many teams they end up with. Ebi-kun was in the yellow team.

First up is the sprint, they have so many kids to get through that they fire the pistol for the next lot of kids BEFORE the set that are running have even hit the finish line, it is manic!

This is about half of the kids! One of the good things is that because it is so big, parents are not expected to stay and there is no room for all the parents and extended family to come and make a picnic of it, so we can wander in and out as we please.

The dance, we (ahem, daddy) got it wrong and we were stood in the wrong spot so I didn't manage to get any really good pictures of his dancing!

Next was the BIG pants race, like the three legged race but with pants....

Two kids have to get into a really big pair of shorts...

Race to the end of the yard, go around the cone and back to the start where they hand the pants off to the next pair, quite amusing!

The final race is the big balls, this is always a lot of run, sadly yellow were crap and came last, Ebi-kun is still holding out to be in the winning team at least once! poor kid, hubby and I were coming up with ways of how we could fix it in the 6th grade in case his team still hasn't won... will keep you posted on that ! First we will have to figure out the scoring system because neither of us could figure it out.

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