Friday 9 October 2015

Fast & Fun Ghoulish Halloween Treats

Just last Thursday, I was having a nice long soak in the bath and I started to think about all the quick and easy activities I have squirrelled up my metaphorical sleeve. Then I started to think that I really should put them all together in a book.

Lots of my ideas stem from my teaching days, where I had very little equipment and had to think on my feet, a lot! As Halloween is just around the corner, I figured that would be a great place to start and you know how much I love doing Halloween food!

And so I Give You...

Fast & Fun Ghoulish Halloween Treats eBook


I couldn't help myself, I added a free bonus with printable labels, just print them out, add your delightfully delicious name and pop it on your jar/bottle/container or use them as name card, the choice is yours!

And yet there is more...

I'm also giving you the chance to win a box of Halloween treats if you grab the book before October 21st.

Ready to get your copy? Just clickity click HERE

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