Tuesday 17 November 2015

Fancy an avocado?

When I last went to get my hair cut, I arrived a bit early, so I had a wander around the little streets near to the hairdressers. Down one of the streets I came across this massive avocado, so I had a bit of gander, it turned out to be an avocado cafe! The owner popped out and said hello so I decided that if I had time I would investigate further after my hair appointment.

It's a quirky and cute little cafe and every menu item uses avocado - well, I think there were maybe a couple of things that were avocado free, if you are one of those freaky avocado haters!

I'm not sure how to describe the style of the place really but it is homely and quirky, so I loved it! Behind the ghetto blasters was the drinks bar and soup.

I love this funky light too..

I ordered a lunch set, it came with avocado smoothie, there are syrups in the drink bar to add to it, it was good without the syrup but I tried strawberry and that was amazing too. Then there are a choice of drinks in the drinks bar and soup...

Service was great and the owner explained to me what everything was, he had lived in Vietnam years ago and worked with American troops so his English was pretty good. I had the locomoco don which came on top of a half avocardo and avocado balls on the side. It was great, I stuck with the regular size which totally filled me up but you can up the size, for those hungry men folk!

Apparently there are 2 other cafes in the group, I haven't tried them out but I will be coming back here after my next hair appointment!

As the place had just opened it doesn't seem to be on google yet! I don't remember exactly which little street it was down, just look for the big avocado! Somewhere near BerBerJin.

I also spotted this place down one of the side streets but sadly it wasn't open! Maybe next time...

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