Wednesday 20 January 2016

A walk on the chilly side...

It seem to have been really warm so far this winter, we are finally getting to see some frost and maybe a bit of snow!

I like going for a walk in the mornings to clear my head before I start work, but I have to admit, when it's really cold it takes a LOT to get out of the door. OK, you folks in Canada where it's -40c, you can stop laughing now!

I certainly served my 'time' on the cold morning front growing up, having to sort out the horses every morning, not matter what the weather, they still needed to be fed and watered and unless the weather was really bad, exercised too. It was good training really, no matter how reluctant I was, it taught me that when you have responsibilities you just have to suck it up and get on with it!

Just like being a mom really!

One thing that I didn't like was having to take the horses up to the field which was about a mile from where we lived, most of the time it was OK but on cold icy days it was nothing short of terrifying. The road was narrow, twisty and steep. Scary enough going when there was nothing else on the road but even worse when you met traffic, not knowing if they would slide on the ice. Certainly part of my life with horses that I don't miss.

I do miss the horses though, one day, I'll have myself a gentle quarter-horse and a big paddock to ride in...

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