Thursday 21 January 2016

New years Skiing In Yuzawa Nakazato

It has become our tradition to go to the mountains for New Years. A few days skiing/snowboarding seems like the perfect way to bring in the new year!

We have started to get a season pass for this place, the slopes are great for Ebi-kun and it's family friendly. We were a bit worried there wouldn't any snow as they only opened the slopes a few days before we got there, but the snow gods were kind. It wasn't fantastic skiing but it wasn't like trying to ski in Scotland either (believe me, not good!)

Ebi-kun had a new snowboard outfit from Santa, we did manage to make the other one last 3 seasons! Hopefully we can make this last just as long....

We have decided that private lessons are the way to go, he learns so much more when it's 1:1, we just put him in for an hour this time but it really  helped his turns....

There will be no more videos of me following down the hill theses days, he is too quick and I can't safely film and keep up! So pics of him stuck in snow drifts will have to do!

It's so beautiful up here, I could definitely move to the mountains - as long as I had a chap to come and clear the snow off the drive for me! Stunning.

But nature likes to remind us who is in charge and the weather can change so quickly. I'm thankful for all the mountaineering training I did back in the scouts, respect for the mountain, always comes first.

We have a few weekends booked in so I will be back to bore you with more mountain pictures soon, until then, alien Jo over and out...

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