Saturday 2 January 2016

letter #2 to santa ....

[December 24th]

Ebi-kun makes me laugh, he wrote a letter to Santa along with a request for a handprint of Elf (who leaves the gifts in his advent stocking) and left him a couple of mince pies, some brandy (we were out of sherry) and a carrot for Rudolph.

When Santa went upstairs to put the gifts into Ebi-kuns stocking, which was tied to his bed, he found another note...

Really made me chuckle, luckily Santa had a bag of chocolate sprouts handy, perfect for a well behave giraffe! And the gift for giraffe was actually the only thing he asked for.

Christmas eve I went to the doctor - he was surprised because I didn't have Ebi-kun in tow! The side of my face was swollen and painful from an infection and my glands swollen too plus I had virtually lost my voice, he put me on antibiotics, fun over Christmas! So Christmas morning I woke up about 4am with my head splitting, it felt like an alien had hatched and was trying to find a way out my skull. I took a couple of painkillers that the Dr had also prescribed but they had the opposite reaction. Not a good start to the day.

Ebi-kun climbed into bed with us at 6am and surprisingly fell to sleep for an hour! Nice. All I needed to do Christmas day was actually cook the veg, I had prepared it all and cooked the turkey the night before, which was a PITA at the time but a blessing on the actual day

The good thing was that Santa made an appearance and so everyone was happy...

In the UK we open our presents on Christmas day but I have many European friends who do it the night before, it's interesting seeing everyones facebook feed and how they celebrate.

I was also super grateful that I made the reusable Christmas bags a few years bag. Wrapping time is down to a minimum and there is next to no rubbish to throw away. It might have taken quite some time to actually make the bags but each year I use them I am more and more thankful that I made the effort to do so!

If you celebrate, when do you open your gifts?

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  1. happy new year! beig family and i opened presents at christmas eve;)..and also had fabric wrapping, eco ad reusable! have a great 2016


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