Sunday 3 January 2016

The Big Day - What we eat for Christmas breakfast

Daddy Ebi designs industrial cake machines and so each year, on the 24th his company gifts fancy cakes to all the employees. These are made by some of the top cake makers in the country and every year we have had a gorgeous cake.

This year was no exception, a stunning berry and fresh cream tart, it was every bit delicious as it looks... and so much better than the toast (cut into triangles because it was a special occasion) that we had as kids!

Santa did well this year, Star Wars thermals and a lovely snuggly Star Wars dressing gown - which his had been wearing to get extra cuddles out of everyone!

Books of course, lots and lots of books. I think he has the whole set of David Wallams books now, we are almost to the end of Billionaire Boy, if you haven't read any of them yet, go and get one - brilliant and funny!

The second Angkor Wat manga that he has been after, I think someone had a word with Santa about this one, he couldn't wait to get his nose stuck in.

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Lego, another gorgeous book to add to the library, Architecture The Visual Guide. Just the book itself is beautiful, printed on black and silver paper it goes perfectly with his other gifts (he is on an architecture kick and has been for quite a while)

The Lego Architect Kit. I'm planning to do a full post about all this as I'm really impressed with it all and Ebi-kun loves it, although the kit states for kids age 16+ and it contains no instructions for making anything - but it does have a great book so you can read about how architects use Lego to develop ideas and it gives you tips on how to use the kit. 

There are 1200+ pieces which are all white or transparent and it perfect for a budding architect... certainly kept him quiet for the afternoon and maybe mommy and and daddy too - except daddy the mechanical engineer had to try and make a vehicle out of his pieces!

I managed to get through the day with excessive amount of painkillers and crashed out pretty early, certainly not the best Christmas ever but not worst either. I was grateful we just had one, not very noisy child to content with, a house full of screaming kids would have finished me off!

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