Tuesday 26 January 2016

Titan Cable means no more tears over broken charger cables

Before Christmas Jon from Fuse Chicken dropped me a line and asked if I would like to try out the Titan cable to see if it lived up to it's claims. Not one to say no to a great offer I asked him to send one out so we could put it to the test.

The cable is for an iphone and although we haven't had any issues with our cables to date, I have plenty of friends who have - usually the protective cable cracking around the plug section.

My cable tends to stay home unless I'm travelling, DH on the other hand takes his to work every day, so his gets a lot more abuse than mine.

I must admit when I first opened the cable packaging I was surprised how thick it was compared to the regular iphone charging cable but that's because it's covered in an indestructible casing. Side note: Fuse Chicken also make the cables for Android too.

I set Ebi-kun up with the challenge of breaking it - first he thought I had lost the plot, here you are, go and break this...

But he got into it, took it outside, tried smashing it with a brick...

Swinging on it, tug 'o' war with his mates....

Riding his bike over it... 

He came back in and the cable still looked good as new.

I sat for a while bending and twisting it at the regular cables weakest spot but it had no effect, we have also been using it daily and taken it on over night trips. It is tough!

It would make a great gift for a dad/husband or anyone else who breaks their cables easily, I'm pretty sure I won't need to replace mine now!

If you want to get your hands on one these Titan cables you can buy them HERE in Japan, HERE on Amazon and through the Fuse Chicken website HERE

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