Wednesday 17 February 2016

Taste Tests: Ebi-kun Eats Book Giving Day Special Recipes

This week is a little bit different. Ebi-kun wanted to do something special for book giving day so we decided on making recipes from Roald Dahls Revolting Recipes book. This meant cooking them before he could taste them!

This is also the episode where I apparently got the sack! More on that later...

He got busy making Boggis Chicken, he did most of the work himself, I just stood around taking photos! (My kind of kitchen work!)

Making the dumplings was fun, we have never made them before, I always assumed you needed suet, which we can't get but the recipe called for lard, which we can get...

A rather messy process, great for a sensory activity! The recipe made enough for 2 nights worth of dinners for the three of us.

I think we should have used the iron pan as it did stick to the bottom, I managed to clean it off thanks to a friend Lias's top stip - use a dishwasher tablet and some hot water and leave to soak over night, no scrubbing needed at all!

Looks good right? But how did it taste? You will have to check out the video below to find out...

Don't forget to enter the giveaway, it runs until the 21st Feb 2016. Click HERE to sign up (scroll to the bottom of the page)

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