Tuesday 2 February 2016

The Secret Den Command Centre

Remember Ebi-kuns den? Well, he decided he needed a command centre, the den is the headquarters for the local spy ring apparently - of course, you will have to forget that I told you that!

So he got out the recycling basket - we save anything that might be handy for crafts, and set to it. I can't remember why we had a big sheet of hologram sticky backed paper but it came in very handy. I also have a box full of pictures cut out of magazines, that is where he found the men in the hazmat suits. You can't really tell from the photos but he placed a piece of wavy plastic over the top to give it a proper TV feel to it.

He added various other bits and bobs, I'm sure they all have a function, I have no idea what they do - I'm not a member of the spy ring! But there are lots of buttons, dials and levers.

I did say he needed a Big Red Button - because, well there is always a big red button, that is what is inside the black box, to prevent accidental firings of missiles, we wouldn't want that would we!

As a kid, I would spend hours making things from the recycling (well back in the day it wasn't recycling, basically stuff saved from going in the bin!) and it makes me happy that Ebi-kun is happy to do the same. A load of junk + a vivid imagination and some decent glue/tape!

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