Friday 5 February 2016

Using Songs For Poetry Inspiration

Ebi-kun and I decided to dissect some song lyrics, one of his favourite songs is Beautiful Day by The Levellers (who he got to see live back in the summer).

The song isn't really about lovely sunshine and skipping through meadows with the wind in your hair... or whatever. It's actually very political so it turned out to be a very interesting lesson.

We started by going through the lyrics a few times and then picking out a few key sections. We talked about what each bit meant, was it literal or did it have a hidden meaning? Why did they use the 5th of November as the date in the song? Was it significant or did it just sound good?

It was interesting to listen to Ebi-kuns ideas and point of view about it all. 

I had to finish up to get dinner started but Ebi-kun felt inspired to write a poem, not connected to the song at all, just how he felt at the time...

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