Monday 21 March 2016

Taste tests: Ebi-kun Eats and taste tests - Spain

Ebi-kun has been getting some swap backs for his Ebi-kun Eats show, this has been great and a lot of fun but caused a bit of a hoo-haa too!

So when he started Ebi-kun Eats, he sampled one thing per show, which was quick and easy to shoot, edit and upload. But with the swap packs he wanted to keep all the items in one episode, which meant trying a few different foods in one go.

This in itself caused a problem because he doesn't eat much in the way of sweet snacks so it made him feel sick! 

So, we tried breaking it up so he tried just a couple of things and filmed in segments.

This worked except the problem then was it was taking longer to upload and edit everything!

Ebi-kun started this channel as a bit of fun but suddenly it had lost it's appeal because he was sat editing when he would rather be outside playing football. We needed a re-think.

After much discussion he decided to go back to tasting just one item each show and making swapped items into a mini series.

This means that he will have more content, more episodes, it will be quicker for him to record and produce each one and he will be able to take advantage of batching the work and the shows are shorter. we can see for the anyalytics that the shorter shows usually get watched to the end but longer ones people tend to drop off before the whole show has been aired.

Lots of things to learn and think about!

And so, this is his Spain show, samples sent from my Aunt and Uncle who live out there he has a couple of the longer shows set up but her on in the short shows will be back!

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