Sunday 27 March 2016

The reason why 3% of the time I hate being an entrepreneur...

This last week has been absolutely hell!

Up and down along a rollercoaster of emotions, I'm not sure how long I can keep it up! On one hand I have been doing the Kitchen Bootcamp and we have had some amazing before and afters and weird finds!

Even though it is hard work and I spend far more time than usual of Facebook, I do love interacting in the groups and cheering people on, just look at some of the before and afters...

And there were a lot more like that, of course there have been strange finds from the house deeds to a mummified cucumber! 

So Bootcamp is fab then on the flip side of the coin, my website died!

97% of the time I love my job, love working for myself and the whole kit and caboodle but sometimes.... that 3% of the time, flipping burgers starts to look desirable!

Paypal are bringing some new rules but they didn't tell anyone that they are enforcing them now even though they said the deadline was September. I have spend all week trying to figure out a workaround, not wanting to close the site whilst I was mid launch but nothing seemed to work. 

In the end I had to concede that the only way I could get the whole thing to work again was to migrate the site to it's own server. Major headache but it's in progress so I am hoping and praying that once it has moved I can get everything working again!

I have hardly slept this week and when I have I have been dreaming about IPN intergrations and SSL certificates! 


So, if you happen to pop over to jojoebi and the site is down, that is why. 

On the upside I have a new plugin that is fab and the new courses site will be fabulous!

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