Tuesday 29 March 2016

The vicious gnomes of Shinrin Koen

We have a great park, Shinrin Koen, about an hours drive away, it really has something for everyone, whether you are a dog lover, a family with small kids, tweens or keen explorers, there is something to jeep every family member happy.

Last time we went, we tried out hand at orienteering, this time we just rocked up and wandered. We kept seeing these little gnomes and what started out as one or two daft pictures anded up as a whole series...

I'm going to print the photos out and see if Ebi-kun will write a story to go with them. He is very much on a maths kick at the moment so I'm not sure if there will be much interest, we will see.

And the buggers have learned to drive now....

No end of amusement! And now when we think about this particular day at the park, it will be remembered for the vicious gnomes... you have been warned!

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