Thursday 14 April 2016

Taking Time Out

I have been quite good about not ranting like a crazy woman over here about my recent gremlin attack in the website, I have lost, I don't know how many hours to trying to figure things out - it's a curse sometimes thinking that you can fix anything if you work on it long enough.
In the end I had to admit defeat and get a man with a plan in to deal with it. He is fluent in geek-speak and so I hope he will have it all sorted in time for the doors opening for the next round of In With A Boom.

I'm really excited about running this again, I loved doing it last time and seeing the progress, the a-ha moments and the wins of my clients was just fab!

But because of the gremlin issue, everything has gone off track and I'm not scrambling to make sure I have everything set up and ready. Emails written, artwork done, videos recorded and everything else that goes into a launch.

If it's something that interests you I'm happy to break it all down, a behind the scenes peep, if you will, just let me know.

Anyway, I have been going at it pretty hard and of course it's all desk work - not good, so I decided to take a break and head out to my favourite cafe. I deliberately didn't take my ipad or laptop so I couldn't do any work. But I did take my kindle so I could read instead.

Managed to score free cake and coffee too - bonus!

It really is matter of living and work by my rules, the ones that I share with my clients, it wouldn't look good if I didn't lead by example!

In case you missed it, I'm going to be running some free training this week - the first part is what to do if you fall of the wagon and you need to get back on track - a favourite and much asked for topic!

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