Monday 18 April 2016

Earthquake Information Page

Earthquake Information Page

Unfortunately Japan isn't the only place sufferings from the Earth shifts, Ecuador, another country close to my heart has also been badly hit.

In light of the latest series of earthquakes, I wanted to put together a Go-To page. I will add this to the menu bar above so it's easy to find.

Straight after a disaster, it's better to donate money, the logistics of transporting the goods to the affected areas can be a massive problem in itself and slow the emergency services down.

Social media, Facebook and Twitter are a good source of up to date information but please be careful not to share fear-mongering articles (the end if nigh because there have been 5 earthquakes in 48 hours type of stuff) it's not helping anyone!

Here are a list of places where you can donate:

Global Giving (running campaigns for both Ecuador and Japan)

Yahoo Japan Donations (Scroll down for English)

Official Kumamoto Prefecture Disaster Fund
Send a bank transfer to
Kumamoto Bank
Kencho Branch
Normal account
Kumamoto Jishin Gienkin Kumamoto-ken Chiji Kabashima Ikuo

Exchange your JAL miles for donations (Japanese)

Peace Winds Japan (Japanese)

Peace Boat is sending a team to the area to conduct a rapid assessment and begin providing assistance where it is most needed.

If you have Yahoo! Japan ID and T-point, you can donate your t-point to kumamoto too. 1point=1yen

Second Harvest is another good org that helped a lot after Tohoku.

Tsunagari Project  (Japanese)

This organization, Food Bank Kagoshima is sending trucks with food and blankets straight into the disaster zone. They need money for gasoline and other transportation expenses.
You can donate at Just Giving
Or By Post Office Transfer: 
Name: Food Bank Kagoshima
No. 01720-5-122835

Major banks such as UFG, Mizuho etc. will take donations in their branches.

Socks For Japan are going to be driving down to Kyushu with a truck full of socks (click the link to keep up with what they are doing)

For those in the affected areas, AirBnB owners are opening up their places for free. Pass on the info to anyone who might find it helpful!
Earthquake Info:

Get the app Yurekuru Call on your phone (iOs and Android) - it sends the early warning alarm which may only be a few seconds but those few seconds can make a big difference.

Google Person Finder use this to register yourself or to look for someone.

Japan Meteorological Agency is a great go-to place to check on the latest news for natural disasters and weather info.

NTT-EAST have Emergency message 171 set up - click on the name to see a simple animation and check out THIS POST to download the instructions and info to stick to your fridge. 

As new info comes up, I will update this page. I think it will be easier than having a load of separate posts. If you know of anything that I have missed, drop me a line of leave a comment. Cheers!

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