Tuesday 19 April 2016

Website Woes...

It appears that nothing is simple, my website is still having gremlin issues, what a fricken nightmare. I have passed the problem onto a chap in the know and even he is battling to get it fixed. Love technology when it works, but when it doesn't...

My mom is all set to arrive on Friday, got the spare room sorted and ready to go, plans to meet up with the in-laws are sorted, just need to go and pick up wine after aikido!

She will be with us for a month! That should give her long enough to sort our garden out, I think, she though I was joking when I said that would be her project whilst we are here!

And other Japan related news - the series of earthquakes in Kyushu. This is miles from use, it's a 3 hour flight from Tokyo, so roughly the same distance as London to Prague. So we are not affected at all but I have friends down there that are. Luckily (in a way) the epicentres have been inland so no tsunami - that's what made the 3/11 disaster so bad.

I'll put together a post of resources of place to help as I gather them. 

And here is my latest on the #100days doodle...

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