Saturday 4 June 2016

The Deed Is Done...

Yes, I have booked our flights back to the UK for the summer!

Basically the whole of August, but I haven't made any other plans yet. My cousin lives in Austria and has invited us there, I was thinking of just getting a cheapo flight but now I'm thinking going by train would be much more of an adventure!

One possible route...







Or something similar, hmmm. I need to figure out the pass prices and all that, I'm not really sure the cheapest method for us to do this theses days. Hubby isn't loving the idea of going the Brussels, understandable I suppose but I think the security will be tighter there now.

If you have done anything like this, let me know. It's a good 20 years since I did my last train adventure around Europe and that ended in disaster!

I love that I have the option to be able to do this, as log as I can pick up wi-fi every other day, I can totally run my biz whilst on the road. Now if I could get DH in the same situations, I'm telling ya, we'd be outta here and doing a world tour!

Right, I'm off to google train prices....

Let me know what you are up to!

And don't forget to come and join the Moms That Rock group, we have a great group of women in there, it's my fave place to hang out.

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