Friday 3 June 2016

Where do you work?

I have recently upgraded my office!

Well when I say I, I mean my mom did all the hard work and now I am reaping the rewards!

All the hours she put in sorting out our yard so it actually looks presentable has paid off and I'm so glad we invested in the parasol. I burn terribly so I rarely sat out. Now I can actually enjoy the yard and all the flowers and the weather is just oh-so-perfect at the moment. Give is a couple of weeks and the rainy season will be upon us. Not fun.

Most of the kids on our street are now at kindy or school, which means from about 8.00am onwards it is lovely and peaceful too but there re distractions, oh yes, the drama that goes on in the garden.

The most interesting has been the bees. We have blackberry brambles along one fence and I noticed a brown bee buzzing up and down but not collecting nectar, it was as if he was on guard duty.

It turned out that was exactly what he was doing, a little later a black bee (yes, they have black bees here) came to collect some nectar and the brown bee was not happy and started attacking the black bee. Chasing it off. A little while later the black bee would come back and the brown bee would have another go at it. We did a bit of research and it turns out that the black bee has no sting but the brown bee does.

Quite fascinating, that wasted a whole chunk of time!

And then there is Edvard and Munch, the two cute caterpillars munching their way through our orange tree. It's not a very big tree so I was a bit concerened! And Edvard was the bigger of the two and we reckoned he was about ready to go for 'the change'. We had been checking up on them every day but then we had a couple of really rainy days and.... Edvard and Munch had disappeared! We have no idea where they went, couldn't find a crysalis anywhere and no sign of the cute caterpillars. 

We are hoping that they found somewhere cool to hang out and change into butterflies and that a very hungry sparrow didn't eat the very hungry caterpillars!

We also have a couple of little lizards that come out and party when they think nobody is watching, I'm telling you, it's all happening in our back yard!

I could do with a better chair but you know, life could be worse! 

Do you have a nice place to work?

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