Friday 22 July 2016

24 hours and counting...

Why oh Why did my blog break mid launch?

Big apologies if you have been trying to catch up and all you got was some random hosting site page, I'm still not sure what the issue was but the very nice geeks at Siteground sorted it out for me!

This is your last call to join us in My Organized Chaos in 2016!

You don't need to take my word for it, that this program rocks...

I was unsure that I would have enough time and that completing one task would mean having to organize a lot of other spaces in the house first but it didn't work out like that. The art space I set up for the kids has been a big hit. - Diane
I'm a grandmother that babysits for my grandchildren. I didn't know if the course would be applicable or if I would fit into the group. I liked the openness and willingness to share that takes place in the members group and I love the pictures everybody shares, they really help to share ideas - Kathy
All of the ideas are simple and practical so they don't require a huge monetary investment to implement. They can also be done bit-by-bit as you have the time - great for busy parents! The more the kids can do on their own the less we (the adults) have to do for them. - Heidi
Yes I would recommend MOC to friends. I love the Montessori approach and going through the course reminded me of this. Each assignment made me rethink what I was doing, whether it was working, and just how far I had strayed from what I wanted my home and family life to be. I think others would benefit greatly from the same ideas and friendly guidance that Jo gives - Lynn
I feel like I have many more ideas for how to approach things, if that makes sense. Even though I've been super busy this month, the ideas you present make everything feel so approachable and do-able. I just love feeling the sense that I have some ideas to bring into my home to make it more functional and enjoyable for all of us to live in and use. - Paige
I am much more conscious of how wisely I am spending my time. Preparation is crucial! And it feels so good to have systems in place for storing things. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to be more organized in order to spend more time with their children. - Michi
I don't get as annoyed with my son - he will play for longer and happily tidy up after himself. He also seems to look forward to reading a lot more now he has a reading nook so is much easier to put to bed without fuss. As for me, I enjoy planning the time we spend together in advance. - Diana
If you are on the fence and have questions, shoot me an email or get in touch on facebook, I don't bite!!

The doors close in 24 hours, it's your time to take control and get your life back! Are you in? Click HERE

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