Tuesday 2 August 2016

Birthday Fun

It was a fairly low key event this year, of course he got his 'number T-shirt' a tradition, I accidentally started back when he was 2!

We took the train to Manchester for the requested lunch... at Jamie's Italian, I'm pretty sure he waits for this all year long!


It was great, as expected! If you plan on going, join the free online gold club before you go to get freebies and specials, they did us proud this time around! Mom and I got free wine, and Ebi-kun got homemade lemonade, also a couple of tasters and his dessert was free too.

Took him a while to decide but he went for the carbonara in the end...

Then he got a special warm brownie with salted caramel ice-cream, caramel pop-corn and butterscotch sauce. It was really good but he struggled to finish it! (Of course I had to help him a bit!)

We then had to go to the book store and the Lego shop, after all that we were all knackered and decided to head home... for birthday cake (a bit of a cake overdose!) Colin The Caterpillar from M&S, had to be done!

All good fun, another year done! He is already planning on what he will order from Jamie next year!


  1. Hi there -

    We happened to find your website and we really like seeing Ebi-kun. What a wonderful boy you have! We're a family living in Kunitachi and our boy Andrew is 8. He looks a lot like Ebi-kun, and he loves to watch Ebi-kun's videos. (He loves the squid video!)

    Well, we just wanted to say Happy birthday, Ebi-kun!
    We are looking forward to your new video!

    Iko and Arnie and Andrew

    1. Thank you for dropping us a line! We are in Austria at the moment trying lots of new foods, I think we will have some more Ebi-kun Eats videos coming soon!


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