Sunday 21 August 2016

Euro Tour 2016 - Back to Blighty via Paris

[10th Aug]

We had an early start for our trip back to the UK. On the train to Paris, we had chance to catch up on our diary/blog posts. Each year we have been to the UK for the last few years, Ebi-kun has kept a diary, it's so much fun reading back over them. Plus it's a great excuse to get him writing in English.

In Paris we had lunch near the station and did some people watching.

I'm not sure when Ebi-kun puts it all, he demolished a huge plate of chicken, chips and salad! After lunch we went to find a supermarket to buy Di some stinky cheese, we didn't go for names, just the smell - I bet the people on our train were really happy about that!

At the supermarket there was a mad man shouting and causing havoc and hitting the store manager with a big block of cheese!

Eventually we made our way to Brighton, some of the trains were on strike but we were not really affected luckily. And here we are back with our best mates sporting stylish Japanese bandanas!

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  1. Growing up our family always said we put it in our hollow leg when we are tons of food!


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