Monday 22 August 2016

Euro tour 2016 - Brighton i360

[12th Aug]

The 11th we had a pretty low key day, Ebi-kun had a bit of a dodgy tum so we hung around at home with a quick play in the park. And plenty of olympics watching, the boys really got into the rugby sevens!

The next day was a busy day which started with the boys making toblerone cheesecake...

And of course licking out the bowl/licking the spoons!

Then we headed down to the beach, we went along the coast a bit to find the "sandy!" beach. Next to the beach was a buttie shop, it made me laugh that the sandwiches were served on real plates with a side salad and crisps, which blew off due to the wind! People were also drinking cups of tea in proper cups on the beach too! How English.

This is our 3rd trip to Brighton and this was the first time it has been hot enough to venture into the sea, there were rock pools too which kept the boys busy.

And the water was lovely and clear too!

We arranged to meet Rob at the ice-crem shop but we ended up waiting over and hour for a bus so we had to skip the ice-cream shop we wanted to go to and just picked on up along the front, I paid a tenner for all our ice-creams and the Di spotted something on the floor - a ten pound note! Ice-creams paid for by the big U!

We met up with Di and Robs friend Merlin (yes, that's his real name) and waited for our turn for the Bright i360. It had only opened the week before, it's like a giant doughnut on a stick! 

It's actually a viewing platform, the ride takes about 30 minutes it rises slowly to the top of the stick and gives you time to wander around taking the view in from, you guessed it. 360 degrees! 

It was a beautifully clear day and we could se for miles. You do get a great view from the top but Brighton's landmarks can't really be seen from the top. I do think they could have done better by having info about the i360 and things that you can see from the top. There was a bar, we didn't venture to that though. I'm glad we went up but I doubt I'd go again.

After our viewing we headed into town, I had a couple of bits to pick up and Di and Rob wanted to get Ebi-kun a birthday present, Lego of course! Then we headed to Wahaca for dinner, which was delicious. We caught the bus back up to Di's, got the boys in the bath then Di and I headed out for the night.

It was, of course an occasion to get out.... I got this for Di years ago in Harajuku and it's still going strong!

We did a bit of a pub crawl, the prices for a round are not what they used to be, I used to have a bloody good night out and money left over for a curry - OK chicken omlette and a chapatti - don't judge it until you've tried it! From a tenner, not these days, small change from one round!

We went to a strange collection of pubs, one of Di's locals, a recommended pub which did have good music but only 2 people in it, including the barmaid, then a complete loonie came in and started ranting about Simon Cowell! So we moved onto the Revolator, not the best for a conversation, hardcore heavy metal was the name f the game! Our penultimate pub was a cozy little place, looked a bit like a cave, it wasn't until we were leaving that we realised it was a lesbian bar and then we found a place open until 2.00pm so we stayed there and caught up on the olympics - as you do on a night out!

Good night!

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