Friday 12 August 2016

Euro Tour 2016 - Vienna day 2

We started the day with guglhupf, no it's not a strange disease, it's a traditional Austrian cake, which is marbled, very tasty and a good way to start the day! Birthday cake #4!

Hari spent the day with us and we started off at The Prater or "Vienna's Blackpool" as Kirsty calls it. There weren't many rides open, I think we had gotten there too early, we had a couple of rides on the bumper cars which Ebi-kun loved and then had a go on the Riesenrad in oldest existing ferris wheel in the world, designed by an English bloke!

You do get a great view from the top...

Then we headed into town and had a look at the Rathaus (town hall) and a wander around the neighbourhood, by which time it was lunch time!

Luckily there was an international food festival going on, Kirsty and Hari headed to the Indian curry stand but Ebi-kun and I stuck with the local fayre... kasespatzle which is kind of like a mix between gnocchi and mac and cheese. It was really good but very heavy and filling.

Ebi-kun had schweinsbraten, which is suckling pig with dumplings and sauerkraut. The sauerkraut wasn't popular but the meat was lovely, really tender and it had crackling! This was pronounced as the best best meat in the world!

After filling our boots we went over to the National Library museum, the building was gorgeous, this is what a library should look like, it was fabulous and Ebi-kun couldn't believe how beautiful it is (he has only been to bog standard city run libraries before)

Having a Selfie Stick moment, outside the library

Then we went for ice-cream, a normal, one scoop type of affair this time and headed back home, shattered!

Ebi-kun managed to talk Kirsty into using her phone as a hotspot for my phone so that he could do Pokemon Go, which meant we did another couple of kms (to hatch an egg or something!) around the village! 

That really did wear us all out for the day, and yes, we slept well!

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