Saturday 13 August 2016

Euro Tour 2016 - Vienna day 3 - Schnitzel, beetles and the Kiss

After such a full day yesterday we had a slow start. We needed to do dull stuff like laundry too. Hari had been out drinking with his friends the night before and stayed over so we met him and his friend at a restaurant at the top of the village. 

We walked up the road, which then turns into a national park. Apparently there are miles of trails and it seemed to be quite popular with cyclists. 

Ebi-kun was in bug heaven and kept finding these pretty shiny blue beetles (glanzend blau kafer). Lovely view from the top then we headed back down to the restaurant.

View from the Vienna woods in Giesshubl

Ebi-kun was happy to see some climbing equipment and he was off on them whilst we waited for Hari to arrive. 

The weather was nice but a bit windy so we decided to sit inside, We had t try the schnitzel of course, and it was might good but so big, I could7t finish mine so Ebi-kun demolished it! Mine did come with salad but it was kind of pickled, not a fan. I was starting to crave more veg, it doesn't seem to be a main part of the meals here.

Schnitzel, the size of your head! The waiter was also wearing lederhosen which was quite exciting but I failed miserably to get a photo, the excitement was just too much!

After lunch, Hari's friend took us into Vienna and dropped Kirsty off, she had a leaving party to go to. So Ebi-kun and I went to the art museum housed in Schloss Belvedere. The building itself is worth the visit, stunning, absolutely gorgeous. 

Ebi-kun was free and I paid 14 euro. I think we have been spoilt in Japan, often when we go to see a specific artists work there are 50 odd piece of work, for the Klimt exhibit there was about 20. There was a lot of other lovely work on display too.  

View of the gardens just before the heavens opened...

When we left it was bucketing down, we decided to make a run for the shop but I think everyone else had the same idea so we decided to go back into the museum until it was time for Hari to pick us up.

Then it was back home for tea and bath and bed! I spent the evening chatting to Hari, it was good to get to know him a bit better and we ended up chatting about all kinds of things! I think Hari and yasutoki will get on when we finally get them together.

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  1. Lovely photos!!! Those beetles are amazing! And the animal in the museum, and the gardens!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


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