Monday 8 August 2016

Euro Tour Day #2 Brussels

[Aug 2nd]

We had an hour and a half in Brussels and so a friend, Christie said she would come and meet us with her two kids, to say a quick hello. She suggested a whirlwind tour of the city centre, I would have never attempted this alone in such a short time frame but she knew where she was going and also knew the trains so we were in safe hands.

First stop was to see the peeing boy, my last visit to Brussels, many moons ago, we walked around for 3 hours trying to find the peeing boy, he is that small we had walked past him several times!

Then a quick stop to grab a waffle - a REALLY good waffle! 

Then a quick, and I mean quick look at the Grand Square. This place I remember well, we were sat there in the evening and suddenly classical music started and all the buildings were lit up with coloured lights. The show lasted a good hour and it was one of the highlights of my trip. Unfortunately this time, it was just very wet and rainy! But the waffles were good and that's what is important!

Then we jumped back on the train to the station so we could catch the next train to Cologne. We did manage to buy some chocolate before we left! It really was a quick tour and I felt bad because I had completely lost my voice, so I could only croak the odd word at Christie! Hopefully we will be able to meet up again when she is back in Japan.

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