Monday 29 August 2016

Taste Testing Pudding and Chips

[17th Aug]

I managed to sneak a day into town, on my own! Went to a lovely little cafe in Macclesfield, called Jack Sevens. I sat in the yard for lunch then nipped in to use the loo and discovered that it was also an art gallery! (totally forgot to take any photos!)

I had a lovely chat with a couple of ladies who were having a crafternoon, I had a couple more hours to mooch around the shops before meeting mom and Ebi-kun.

Mom had an appointment at the hospital so we looked to find somewhere for dinner, all the cafes were closed and the restaurants weren't open!  Luckily we found Pete's Chippy that was open which had seats in the back.

They had pudding with chips, a new delicacy for Ebi-kun. We couldn't record the experience because it was too noisy, and as you can see, he didn't look overly impressed...

Pudding (or babby's yed - baby's head) from my moms neck of the woods, in the midlands, is a type of pie but the pastry uses suet pastry and it's steamed usually. Inside is usually steak and kidney, the pastry is kind of stodgy, an interesting taste! It always reminds me of camping, when I was in the scouts it was always a back up meal because it's easy to cook!

After poking it a few times he got stuck in and demolished the whole thing, pudding and chips got a big thumbs up! Not the healthiest meal but what the heck, we are on holiday!

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