Saturday 27 August 2016

Building dens and getting mucky at Lyme Park

[15th Aug]

Despite just returning form our grand tour, and not even managing to unpack properly, there was no rest to be had as we had another playdate lined up, this time with one of my best mates, Lesley and her kids. We decided to meet at Lyme Park again as it's about half way for both of us and the kids really enjoyed it there last year.

My mom drove and Lesley bought her mom over too, so we left the moms people watching and drinking coffee in the courtyard whilst we went to the play area.

The boys got straight in there, no messing around and started building a den. It's a great set up, there are lots of branches around and a number of trees that are suitable for den building. There were a group of lads trashing other people dens but I put on best scary face to keep them away!

In the den!

Of course they had to try and cross the stream, which resulted in two mucky little boys! But they had fun...

I think I-chan was feeling a bit let out, maybe next time we need to find a little girl to come along with us. The moms had a good natter though and it was great to catch up with Lesley. Of course we keep up with the comings and goings on facebook but that's not the same as having a good chinwag.

The play area also has climbing equipment, not so much for the little ones, it is really suited for maybe 5 years and up.

It was a really hot day but much of it is under the trees, I think the moms got the worst of it, too busy nattering to notice the sun! Lesley's family are all very fair so everyone was looking a bit pink by the end of the day.

We had a great afternoon and the sat nav chose an interesting route to take us home, very scenic, driving through the Peak District does make me miss home, rice paddies are pretty but they have nothing on the rolling hills of home!.

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